What Was Scot's Newsletter?
Scot's Newsletter was a more or less bi-weekly email newsletter with a web archive. It covered desktop operating systems — such as Windows and macOS — broadband, computer networking, Microsoft, Apple, the Internet and computing issues. The newsletter offered insights, analysis, and hardware and software reviews. After a six-year run, the newsletter was formally discontinued in 2007 when Finnie was promoted to editor-in-chief of Computerworld.

What has continued, and is seeing new life under new ownership, is the Scot's Newsletter Forums. Take a look for yourself. Scot still occasionally posts there, but no longer owns or manages it. Scot's Newsletter Forums was founded in 2003 and will celebrate its 19th birthday on March 8, 2022.

You can still find the Scot's Newsletter Issue Archive running from 2001 to 2007, although it is way out of date. There are also landing pages for some of that content, including the Best of Scot's Newsletter.

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